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Mason Pearson Brushes

Check out the fine selection of Mason Pearson hairbrushes available in our store.

These brushes have unique rubber-cushion padding.  They are made with a classic handle designed for comfort.  Original 1885 design - never bettered.  Handmade with the best materials.

Contact us for Mason Pearson pricing and availability

Mason Pearson All-Bristle Brush - Handy Boar Bristle tufts: Generally used for fine to normal hair, except where specified.

Mason Pearson All-Bristle Brush - Pocket Boar Bristle tufts: generally used for fine to normal hair, except where specified. 5 rings of bristle tufts.

Mason Pearson All-Nylon Brush - Detangler Nylon tufts: Generally used for thick hair, great for removing tangles.

Mason Pearson All-Nylon Brush - Handy Boar Bristle & Nylon tufts: generally used for normal to thick hair. Handy size fits in your pocket or purse.

Mason Pearson All-Nylon Brush - Pocket Nylon tufts: Generally used for thick hair. Smaller size fits in your pocket or purse.

Mason Pearson Bristle and Nylon Mix Pure boar bristle with one nylon bristle in each tuft.

Mason Pearson Brush - Child's Pure Boar Bristle - PINK Softer pure boar bristle brush.

Mason Pearson Child's Brush - Pure Boar Bristle - Blue Softer pure boar bristle.

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