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Pharmacist Consultations

  Our Pharmacists are educated, current, experienced, knowledgeable, accurate, discrete and confidential. We keep a careful watch and communicate with you about your medicine(s). We are proud of our patient medication counseling services. All patients receive free counceling on all of your prescription medicine. We also give you written materials about your medicine(s). All consultations are conducted by a Pharmacist.

  • Do you have any additional questions about your medication?

  • Are you tired of sifting through pages of hard-to-understand healthcare information and still have questions ?
    Ask your Goldberger's Pharmacist.

Inquire about our MTM - Medication Therapy Management consultation services, which will provide the answers to your questions.

MTM ( Medication Therapy Management) provides more specific answers regarding your medications and/or disease state. MTM is a fee based consultation. This method is another way to get information about your medicine(s). All consultations are conducted by a Pharmacist. All MTM consultations are by appointment.

Please bring a completed copy of our Pharmacy medication questionaire.


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